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Apple’s Profit Still Climbs, but Pressure is Growing – New York Times

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Why Apple Can’t Quit Steve Jobs – ABC News

Despite Steve Jobs’ advice to never think about what he would do, the ghost of the visionary founder still rules at Apple two and a half years after his death, according to industry watchers. The late CEO’s voice is heard at the beginning and end of a video showing off Apple’s eco-friendly and futuristic-looking office space that gained renewed attention online this week — just another reminder of the inextricable link between Jobs and the brand he built. “Despite having been gone for two and half years already, we are still waiting to see what Apple will be like without him,” Eric Slivka, editor-in-chief at MacRumors, told ABCNews.com. “[Jobs'] legacy has carried on within the company and its executives are Read More

Apple stock split: Nice, but where’s the product? – CNBC.com

With India’s national election under way, some parties appear to have an edge as technology, social media and big data play a key role in connecting with voters. Apple stock split: Nice, but where’s the product? – CNBC.comhttp://news.google.com/news/url?sa=t&fd=R&ct2=us&usg=AFQjCNHoxi6YIRgfbwyA3YG9url57U7AvQ&clid=c3a7d30bb8a4878e06b80cf16b898331&cid=52778483255301&ei=MoxYU4CdIMOemQKXpQE&url=http://www.cnbc.com/id/101608060

Apple Q2 Earnings Live: Surprise! Better EPS, Stock Split, Bigger Dividend As … – Forbes

Apple Apple destroyed forecasts with a $45.6B quarter buoyed by strong gross margins. That, along with aggressive share repurchases, allowed the company to blow past earnings expectations and report $11.62 per share, against a consensus forecast of $10.22. The strong showing came on the back of Apple’s bellwether iPhone, of which the company sold 43.7 million last quarter. Beyond the current quarter, Apple also announced a dividend increase in May of 8%, a 7-for-1 stock split effective in June, and a $30 billion additional authorization to its stock repurchase plan. The stock is soaring after hours. Looking ahead to next quarter, the company’s guidance calls for $36-38B in revenue against $35B last year. With an expected gross margin of 37-38% Read More

Apple launches Beta Seed for OS X program for end users – Macworld

Ever dreamed of an opportunity to try out new versions of OS X before they’re released, but without having to pony up the $99 to become a registered developer? Well, that opportunity’s here: On Tuesday, Apple announced a new initiative, the OS X Beta Seed Program. As part of the Beta Seed Program, users can register to receive pre-release versions of OS X, starting with OS X 10.9.3, which is available beginning on Tuesday. By trying out the new software and providing feedback to Apple, users can help shape the direction of the company’s desktop computer OS. While a version of this program previously existed under the name “Appleseed,” that initiative was an invite-only affair that the company offered from Read More

Apple Q2: Cook explains the iPad lag; Office for iPad; ramping up its … – ZDNet

(Image: CNET/CBS Interactive) Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook was forced to explain on the company’s fiscal second quarter earnings call Wednesday why the company fell down on iPad sales, which were significantly below Wall Street estimates. Read this Apple Q2: iPhone blasts expectations, makes up for iPad decline Read more But thanks to a 17 percent growth in its iPhone unit, that helped to offset the company’s iPad unit, which suffered a strong decline of 16 percent year-over-year.  By the numbers (you can read more on the breakdown here): iPhone year-over-year growth is up by 17 percent iPhone makes up 47.1 percent of Apple’s revenue; iPad makes up 19.9 percent iPad year-over-year growth is down 16 Read More

Apple to Microsoft: Better late than never for Office on iPad – PCWorld

Apple CEO Tim Cook thinks Microsoft could have benefitted from bringing the Office suite to iPads earlier, but it was better late than never. Microsoft introduced the collection of Office apps for the iPad in late March, and within nine days, downloads of the productivity apps totaled 12 million. “If it had been done earlier, it would’ve been better for Microsoft,” Cook said during a second-quarter earnings call on Wednesday. In the time Microsoft lost, Apple’s iWork and other productivity suites filled the gap. But Microsoft’s Office is critical software for the iPad, especially in enterprises, and customers are responding well, Cook said. “I do see that Office is a very key franchise in the enterprise,” Cook said. “I wholeheartedly Read More

April 25, Nokia Will Be Cash Rich, Shorn Of Its Money Losing Device Business – Forbes

Nokia Lumia 1020 Timing, as they say, is everything in life. That applies to corporations as well as to individuals.  Over the last decade, we have seen Motorola go from king of the mobile device hill to Gonzo.  It’s innovativeness was destroyed when Ed Zander became CEO and immediately started outsourcing those design aspects that allowed MOT to help invent mobile telephony in the first place and remain an innovator for decades. It’s hard to remember that at the turn of the millennium, Motorola was the phone everyone wanted and it was the company with the biggest, baddest market share.  Google bought Motorola for its patent position for about $13 billion. It has now sold MOT off for less than 25% of Read More

Nokia phone unit to be renamed Microsoft Mobile – Telegraph.co.uk

Microsoft’s line of Windows phones, that include the Nokia Lumia, have so far struggled to match the market dominance of Apple and Samsung and their more established devices. As part of the deal, Microsoft will take control of and manage the nokia.com domain and all official social media channels for a minimum of one year. Data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, a global consumer analyst, showed that as of February, Windows had a 10 per cent market share for smartphones in the UK, compared to a 32 per cent share for Apple‘s iOS and 54 per cent for Android. The company recently announced its first major update to the Windows Phone software, introducing a virtual personal assistant for the first time. Read More