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Nokia – Microsoft deal completes on April 25 – GSMArena.com

N9_808 Report Rating0 So Nokia is dead on phone market. Well, it’s a pity MS must kill Nokia to make place for WP. Symbian (anna/belle) and MeeGo was really good/great options. Elop when he came Nokia still have ~ 30% market share, many people still loves their phones…but if you deliberate lie, intentional stop developing Symbian, kill MeeGo before users/market announce a verdict (many review was good, people who dont miss chance to get it was satisfy, ofc it was new OS…). Even stock exchange show us how bad was the period of Elop rule and why he burn own platform ? Nobody else Read More

Apple Stock Soars 8% on Strong iPhone Sales – TIME

Angel Navarrete—Bloomberg/Getty Images Apple sold 43.7 million iPhones, substantially more than the 37.7 million that Wall Street analysts had been expecting Tech titan Apple reported a 4.6% increase in quarterly revenue on Wednesday, handily beating Wall Street expectations after selling significantly more iPhones than analysts had predicted. The company also said it plans to increase its stock buyback program and dividend, pleasing shareholders who have called for the company to distribute more of its cash. Popular Among Subscribers Barbara Brown Taylor Faces the Darkness Subscribe Shinzo Abe: The Patriot The Blindness of Bigotry The solid results, which amount to the strongest non-holiday quarter in Apple history, encouraged investors who have grown restless about a perceived lack of innovation at the Read More

The OnePlus One Looks Like the Best Deal on an Android Smartphone Yet – Yahoo News

With Google’s Nexus 5 and Motorola’s Moto G, there has been a recent influx of high-powered and inexpensive Android smartphones that you can buy without a two-year contract at a mobile carrier. The next smartphone in this trend just might be the best bang for your buck yet, especially if you’re looking for a smartphone with a huge display. It’s called the OnePlus One. This smartphone has hardware specs that give Samsung’s newest Galaxy Note phablet a run for its money. The price is $299 (16 GB version), or the same price as the Note 3 with a two-year carrier contract agreement. The OnePlus One is not to be confused with HTC’s new One, which costs more than $600 without a contract. Read More

5 best iPhone apps for free phone calls – Macworld UK

In this feature, we look at some terrific apps for making free online phone calls using the iPhone. If you make many phone calls on your iPhone, it’s worth taking the time to set up a free online phone service. Because the iPhone is a modern smartphone, apps can use the iPhone’s persistent internet connection to make and receive free phone calls online. This feature looks at the following: What is the easiest way to make a free online phone call? Which free online phone call apps offer the best audio quality? What is the best app to install to make free phone calls when abroad? Free online phone call services are officially known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Read More

Heartbleed Flaw Lurks in Android Apps Downloaded by Millions – Re/code

Some 150 million downloads of Android mobile apps may be vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug, new security research has found. And while there are as many as 17 Android apps that scan for the bug, at least six of them do so using a method that is insufficient. The findings were published last night by three researchers, Yulong Zhang, Hui Xue and Tao Wei, at the computer security firm FireEye. “For the Android platform, we find that roughly 150M downloads of Android apps contain OpenSSL libraries vulnerable to Heartbleed,” they wrote. Strictly speaking, versions of the Android platform — with the exception of Jelly Bean 4.1 and 4.1.1 — are not themselves vulnerable to Heartbleed because most of them don’t Read More

More signs point to iPhone 6 launch coming earlier than expected – BGR

After a recent report from an analyst said that at least one iPhone 6 version will launch in the third quarter of the year, more evidence seems to suggests Apple’s 2014 iPhones could be released earlier than expected. Reports from The China Post and Taipei Times have revealed that Taiwan’s Catcher Technology will be supplying metal casings for the iPhone 6. Morgan Stanley analyst Grace Chen wrote in a research note that Catcher will ship 10.5 million iPhone 6 casings this year, or 15% of the overall iPhone 6 orders. That number may indicate that Apple plans to sell as many as 70 million iPhone 6 handsets this year. In order to do that, the iPhone maker will likely need more than a Read More

Feeling Skin Is First ‘Smart’ iPhone Battery Case, Shares Mood With Friends – Forbes

It’s hard to believe that 6-years after the launch of the very first Mophie “juice pack,” there’s still no real “smart” battery case available for  smartphones. By “smart,” I mean a case that doesn’t require to be manually turned on – by flipping a dumb switch – when the smartphone runs low in power, and that can precisely display the  battery level, beyond just flashing some LEDs on the side of the case! That’s not too much asking in 2014, right? Well, start breathing again because the wait is finally over with the launch of the “Feeling Skin” by Twelve Monkeys Company. The first app-operated battery case The dome-like battery case (more on that later) for the iPhone 5/5S automatically detects Read More

Galaxy S5 draws rush of trade-ins from Samsung phone owners; iPhone users … – BGR

New flagship smartphone launches are often accompanied by a rush of users trading in older phone models as they upgrade, and data surrounding which models saw increased trade-in volumes can give us a good idea of where business is coming from as people purchase new phones. If data provided to BGR by Gazelle is any indication, early Galaxy S5 buyers were already Samsung device owners in large part, with a comparably small amount of new business coming over from the iPhone. According to data from leading gadget trade-in service Gazelle, the volume of used Samsung phones being sold using the company’s site exploded on April 11th, the day Samsung’s Galaxy S5 went on sale at all four nationwide U.S. wireless carriers. The firm’s data shows that Samsung Read More

Is this the death of Nokia? – NEWS.com.au

Memories. The iconic Nokia 3210 would have been one of the first mobile phones for many. But the Nokia name could be no more after leaked documents reveal Microsoft could be rebranding. Source: Supplied NOKIA was once the driving force of the mobile scene but are we about to see the once mighty company disappear forever? Microsoft has been gradually completing the $7.17 billion (A$7.65) takeover of the former world’s largest mobile vendor and as the final handshakes are made this month reports suggest that the iconic Nokia name will be dropped on the history heap. Enthusiast website Nokia Power User has revealed a leaked letter from Nokia to its existing suppliers that read: “Please note that upon the close Read More