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Is This the Fabled Cheap iPhone? – The Atlantic Wire

The cheap iPhone is maybe, potentially almost here. New pictures leaked by a website that builds knock-offs of high end cell phones claim to show the build of the new cheap iPhone that’s supposed to come out this year at some point. But the site that claims to have a cheap iPhone build, Techdy, is also selling it. A company called Big Bear built a knock-off and are already selling it through Techdy, so perhaps this is just a big marketing campaign. Either way, they created a mock Apple commercial for the cheap phone: 

The leaked iPhone specs show a slightly rounded plastic back body case. The plastic form is one solid piece that covers the entire phone, instead of the standard iPhone’s glass covers with a metal divide. Techcrunch says the design is “very much reminiscent of the current-generation iPod touch.” In comparison shots with the current generation iPhone 5, you can see this cheaper option is slightly thicker and only features one speaker grill on the bottom of the phone. 

There’s no indication that this is the cheap iPhone’s final design and, as always, we should be cautious of the source of this rumor. Techdy is a site that builds knock-off devices to run on Android, so it’s not exactly the ideal, but they do look almost identical to pictures leaked purporting to show the cheap iPhone in a french report last week. 

If this really is the cheap iPhone, it fits with what we’ve heard about the phone from the Wall Street Journal rumor mill. The cheap iPhone will have a slightly different-looking body with interchangeable color backgrounds. Gone will be the days of iPhones in only black and white. Your cheap iPhone could be red, pink, purple or blue. Whatever you want, it’s up to you! 

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Is This the Fabled Cheap iPhone? – The Atlantic Wire
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