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Protect your phone and personal well-being with this stun gun iPhone case – Geek (blog)

Software like Find My Phone will help you locate a stolen phone, and a complex password will deter hooligans from trying to steal the information kept within. However, it’d certainly be better to protect your phone from getting stolen in the first place, rather than having to take precautions for after it has already been liberated from your possession. You can maybe bulk up and wear tank tops in an attempt to dissuade potential phone pilferers, or you can just stick your iPhone inside this weaponized case that features a working stun gun.

Dubbed the Yellow Jacket and funded through Indiegogo, the case will cost a hefty $139, but to be fair, it’s an actual stun gun that can pump out 650,000 volts. While it may at first seem excessive to encase your phone in a weapon, it actually makes a bit of sense. Since this is the year 2013, you’re likely using your phone in some way in just about any scenario where you’re more likely to get mugged — listening to music on a long walk home, or catching up on your Pocket or Instapaper archive while waiting for a bus or train. In a mugging situation, you might have to put your phone down and reach for your separate stun gun. However, if the gun was a part of the device that was already in your hand, that increases the likelihood of actually getting a chance to defend yourself with it.

Currently, the Yellow Jacket comes in black, pink, white, and yellow colors, and fits the iPhone 4 and 4S. New colors, as well as iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 cases are also on the way, and are available for pre-order through the company’s website. They do run rather pricey at $139 just for a 650,000 volt stun gun — considering you can grab a 12 million volt stun gun off Amazon for around $10 — but again, the convenience of it already being in your hand might actually save the day.

If you’re into the Yellow Jacket and want to grab one, make sure you look up the laws where you live, as certain areas do not permit them.

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Protect your phone and personal well-being with this stun gun iPhone case – Geek (blog)
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