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T-Mobile Jump, Nokia Lumia 1020, HTC One, Samsung tablets … – ZDNet

Summary: T-Mobile keeps pushing the US wireless carrier strategy, Nokia announces the best camera on a phone ever, and HTC continues to find new fans with the HTC One.

Kevin was in New York for two announcements last week and we discussed those announcements at the beginning of MobileTechRoundup show #299. We also reveal in the show what devices both of us sold some gear to purchase and it is likely we will have those decisions to discuss on show #300. Show topics include:

(Image: ZDNet)
  • T-Mobile’s Jump program: good or bad?
  • Nokia Lumia 1020: Is the best camera on a phone enough to get people to try Windows Phone?
  • The HTC One GE may be Kevin’s next phone – may not wait for the next Nexus!
  • Switch app for HTC One: Sense and stock Android on the same phone
  • Moto X thoughts
  • Sony Xperia Z for T-Mo hands on
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Tab 3.0 10″ and Tab 3 8″ in the house

Running time: 67 minutes

Listen here (MP3, 60MB)

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Topics: Mobility, Android, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Smartphones, Tablets, Windows Phone


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T-Mobile Jump, Nokia Lumia 1020, HTC One, Samsung tablets … – ZDNet
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