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Where To Sell Your iPhone 5 – Places To Sell Or Buy – Forbes

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With news that Apple Apple will now accept iPhone trade-ins, consumers and business owners are eagerly checking on the value of their iPhone 5 (or iPhone 4…).  The big question seems to be “When should I sell my iPhone?” According to NextWorth, a used electronics marketplace, there is always a race to lock-in the best price before a new Apple product launch. So, it appears that yesterday was the best time to lock-in your price or sell, or two to four weeks ago.

Getting Ready for that New iPhone 5S

After reading Tim Worstall’s post, Apple’s Very Clever Trick With The iPhone Trade-In Program, I started wondering where you could get the best deal if you did not want to trade your iPhone in at Apple directly.  One of my closest friends recently sold his wife’s iPhone on eBay and made a bit of a profit before buying the new one, with a full contract plan. He is not your average consumer, though, so I looked around for what an average guy like me might do. If you don’t read the above linked post, the bottom line is you have to be with a major wireless carrier to take advantage of Apple’s trade-in program. No unlocked iPhones, however.

There are many used cell phone markets, but these three came up with good reviews and high trust factors. (See update note, too.)

NextWorth comes up in all my research as one of the best places to buy or sell because they are both online as well as in many Target Target stores across the USA. That means you can walk into a Target and trade-in your phone. They offer an easy-to-use store locator if you need it.

uSell is another site that works as an aggregator to pull in phone offers from different marketplaces.

Gazelle offers a price lock-in period for iPhones until October 15, so they are worth a look.

UPDATE 3:58pm: Great piece in the Los Angeles Times that I discovered after I published this post that lists Glyde.com and GameStop GameStop as good spots to sell — and at some of the best prices, too. Hat tip to Salvador Rodriguez for his work: How to sell your old iPhone, ahead of upcoming iPhone 5S, 5C.

Of course, many wireless carriers have programs where you can trade-in and trade up, so checking with your existing carrier is always a good idea. Also, if you don’t mind living without a phone for a while, you could use Ebay Ebay or Craigslist. You will get more money for it, but you’ll be without a phone.

Wired did a great step-by-step breakdown of how the Apple iPhone trade-in program works. One of the big things to mention — you have to go into an Apple retail store to do it.

Please leave other spots to sell in the comments or feel free to drop them onto my Google+ stream.

Where To Sell Your iPhone 5 – Places To Sell Or Buy – Forbes
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