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Apple's New Product Potential, Including Bigger-Screen iPhone, Is A Reason to … – Forbes

Apple’s New Product Potential, Including Bigger-Screen iPhone, Is A Reason to … – Forbeshttp://news.google.com/news/url?sa=t&fd=R&usg=AFQjCNHacEmYVMhYPEeVCaBBTXjkEx7iog&url=http://www.forbes.com/sites/connieguglielmo/2013/03/14/apples-new-product-potential-including-bigger-screen-iphone-is-a-reason-to-love-shares/http://news.google.com/news?q=apple&output=rssapple – Google NewsGoogle Newshttp://www.gstatic.com/news-static/img/logo/en_us/news.gif

Staples is now selling Apple products – CNET

(Credit: Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET) Consumers looking for Apple products or accessories can now find them at Staples, at least online. The retailer is now officially stocking a variety of Apple items at its Web-based store. Staples is offering accessories for the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac, including keyboards, mice, cases, covers, and cables. Larger and pricier items such as Time Capsules and Apple TVs are also available. The products will start to pop up in Staples’ retail stores as well. A salesperson at one Staples store told me that about half of the physical outlets will soon begin to stock various Apple items. Staples executives had already tweeted the news almost two weeks ago but couldn’t say when the Read More

The 5 Big Problems Facing Apple – None of Which is Too Much Cash – Forbes

Why Apple Should Replace Google as the Default Search Engine on iPhone with Yahoo! Eric Jackson Contributor Why Does Google Crave Elites for Their Management Team While Apple Eschews Them? Eric Jackson Contributor Why Every Company Needs A “No Bozos” Policy Eric Jackson Contributor The Most Under-rated Key to Long-Term Career Success: Staying Power Eric Jackson Contributor For the last few weeks, the discussion amongst investors about Apple (AAPL) is what it should do with its cash and, specifically, Image via CrunchBase whether or not it should adopt David Einhorn‘s “iPref” preferred stock proposal for increasing shareholder value. After talking to several people last week while I was in San Francisco and the Valley, I’m absolutely convinced that Tim Cook is Read More

Apple needs to 'Think Different' to beat Samsung, warns ads guru – Computerworld (blog)

Apple [AAPL] has always maintained a cunningly managed “whole widget” approach across its business, spanning products, retail chain, support, even its advertising has traditionally maximized its message. But the company seems to be losing a little of its magic touch. [ABOVE: Apple’s latest iPad ad.] Think Different The latest criticism of this side of the firm’s business expression comes from the man behind the original iMac ads and Apple’s ‘Think Different’ campaign, Ken Segall, who writes that today’s Apple ads seem to be “battling” where they “used to crush”. It could be said his observation matches the new lexicon of Apple, in which the firm is reeling under constant assault from Read More

Why Einhorn's Win May Be Apple's Gain – New York Times

Mike Segar/ReutersDavid Einhorn, founder of the hedge fund Greenlight Capital. Greenlight Capital and David Einhorn’s victory against Apple in Federal District Court in Manhattan is a small one, serving only to highlight the bizarreness of the entire fight. The odd thing is that the result is actually more of a win for Apple than Mr. Einhorn, and the outcome will probably have a bigger effect on other companies. To understand the importance of the case, it is necessary to go through what happened in the courtroom. Apple had proposed to amend its certificate of incorporation to make what it claimed to be two shareholder friendly amendments. The biggest amendment was no doubt to clear the way for a majority vote Read More

Apple settles suit over kids' in-app purchases – Washington Post

Post Contributor Badge This commenter is a Washington Post contributor. Post contributors aren’t staff, but may write articles or columns. In some cases, contributors are sources or experts quoted in a story. More about badges | Request a badge Apple settles suit over kids’ in-app purchases – Washington Posthttp://news.google.com/news/url?sa=t&fd=R&usg=AFQjCNHpwEAPQpRtxftBkWzIXcCsc18-yQ&url=http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/technology/apple-settles-suit-over-kids-in-app-purchases/2013/02/26/a8861568-8012-11e2-b99e-6baf4ebe42df_story.htmlhttp://news.google.com/news?q=apple&output=rssapple – Google NewsGoogle Newshttp://www.gstatic.com/news-static/img/logo/en_us/news.gif

What's Wrong With Apple's TV Ads Lately? – Forbes

Viewers Give Apple’s ‘Genius’ Olympic Ads A ‘D’ For Dumb Robert Hof Contributor Those Awful Apple Olympic Ads? Eliminated! Robert Hof Contributor Who Knew? Turns Out Google Is a Killer Brand Marketer Robert Hof Contributor Apple is out with two new television ads that aim to show people what they can do with its iPad and iPad mini tablets. Named “Alive” and “Together,” they feature quick-cut examples of cool visual apps, punctuated by rapid-fire printed words almost too fast to make out individually and three shouted words like, you know, “alive” and “together.” Also “deep,” “bright,” “loud,” and “wild”–or Wilde, as a clunky visual pun then shows an Oscar Wilde book. My first reaction: Meh. My second reaction on subsequent Read More

Apple's iOS 6.11 networking failures continue – ZDNet

OK, so here’s the good news. When Apple released iOS 6.11 last week it did fix the problem some European phone users were having with 3G connections. The bad news is that iOS’s other network-related problems persist. Apple’s iOS 6.11 is still loaded with serious network and security problems. (Credit: ZDNet) To start with the least bad news, iOS 6.1x-powered iPhones and iPads can still give some Microsoft Exchange servers fits. Left unattended, this will cause servers to slow to a crawl — with Apple devices unable to get mail or update their calendars. According to Microsoft, the first thing an Apple user should try is to stop using Exchange to update their calenders. If Read More

Apple v. Samsung: Justice delayed is justice denied – Fortune (blog)

Judge Koh wants a 2014 trial frozen until appeals from a 2011 complaint are exhausted FORTUNE — In July 2011, Motorola (GOOG) filed a complaint in Germany’s Mann­heim District Court charging that Microsoft’s (MSFT) Xbox was infringing two of its video-coding patents. In May 2012 — less than nine months later — the court granted an injunction. Contrast that with Judge Lucy Koh’s federal court in the Northern District of California. In April 2011, three months before Motorola, Apple (AAPL) filed a complaint charging that Samsung’s smartphones and tablets were infringing Apple’s patents, trademarks and designs. The case went to trial 16 months later, and a jury ruled in Apple’s favor, famously assessing Samsung $1.05 billion in damages. Nearly half a year Read More

Boot up: Apple's suppliers mapped, Shane Todd's strange death, Wii U struggles … – The Guardian (blog)

A burst of 10 links for you to chew over, as picked by the Technology team Who supplies Apple? (It’s not just China): an interactive map >> ChinaFile Last month, Apple Inc. released its updated list of suppliers (PDF). This report says it includes “the major manufacturing locations of suppliers who provide raw materials and components or perform final assembly on Apple.” ChinaFile used this data to construct the interactive map, above. Not where you might think. January sales show continued rough tides for the Wii U >> Gamasutra While the NPD no longer provides specific sales numbers for hardware, a representative does tell us that sales of the Wii U hardware for its first three months on the market are Read More